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With over 20 years of experience, trust us to take care of all the arrangements!


Beautiful Design

Our custom designs are the perfect way to celebrate the personality of your loved one, and will leave a memorable impression family and friends will love to talk about!

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We know that time is as sensitive as the emotions you feel for your loved one. We can create personal designs in a matter of days.


We can have your custom design sent wherever you are, nationwide!

Custom Beach and Flowers
Yellow Coffin

We LOVED the wrapped casket our Mother was buried in! When she passed away we wanted to bury her in something that would be unique like her and beautiful.  After searching for “painted” caskets we realized there were not any available to purchase. We asked Custom Coffin Wraps if they could wrap a casket to look like a beautiful painted trunk. They created a bright, colorful, happy design that was absolutely perfect!  When everyone saw the casket they all burst into smiles, then laughter, saying, “that looks just like your mother, she would have loved it”! The personalized casket changed the tone of the funeral from a somber event to a happy, beautiful celebration of our wonderful Mom.  We will definitely use them again….hopefully not for awhile though!

Linn Evans


What a difference a custom coffin wrap makes! To turn a sad moment into a celebration of life and memories of our mother. We remember her always singing “You Are My Sunshine”. To dad, to us as children, and then to her grandchildren. We were able to create a beautiful beach scene with flowers and then put these memorable lyrics on the top of her coffin. When we first walked in to see the finished result it simply brought tears to our eyes. That day, our mother and her coffin were the talk of the town. What a precious moment we all shared in sending our mother home wrapped in our fondest memory of her.

Linda Maddux


I missed my dear friend’s funeral and was only able to see photos of her coffin wrap when I returned from being out of town. What a wonderful way to express yourself! It is quite literally the last thing people remember about you and I’ve already been getting my design ready for my own coffin! I will miss my dear friend, but when I leave this earth, I want the last thing that people see and feel about me is a beautiful statement of how I lived my life.  It is the ultimate way to say goodbye.
Yvonne Hawkins


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